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          Meeting the Energy Needs of the 21st Century

          At Edison, we’re looking ahead to the challenges of the future, and addressing them in innovative ways today. Our utility, Southern California Edison, is modernizing the electric grid to support California’s transition to a clean energy future that meets the expectations of our customers and reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

          Facts at a Glance

          infrastructure_wind-mill_1000x1000-edison-green2 icon

          CA Renewable Goal


          BY 2030

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          SCE's vision for EVs in CA


          BY 2030

          battery-storage-icon-edison-green icon

          CA 2024 Energy Storage Goal



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          CA 2030 Energy Efficiency Goal



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          CA GHG Reduction Goal


          BY 2030

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          CA GHG Reduction Goal


          BY 2050

          The Smart Grid

          SCE is upgrading infrastructure and bringing the smart grid to life through advanced technology.

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          Building Electrification

          Electrifying homes and buildings is an important component of plans to reach California’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

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          A display showing energy-efficient roof and attic construction at SCE’s Energy Education Center

          Electric Vehicles

          Our utility is working on innovative projects to advance cleaner electric transportation in Southern California.

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          Energy Storage

          Using new technologies for storing energy, we can make the grid more efficient.

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          Distributed Energy Resources

          We see potential for distributed energy resources to help meet electricity demand, so we're testing new technologies.

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          Preferred Resources Pilot

          PRP is a multi-year study to determine whether clean energy resources can offset increasing customer demand for electricity in Orange County.

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